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Holiday Prep

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Xmas price $79 3 piece pack includes

Aspect Dr Lanazyme Micro Peel

Aspect Dr Lanazyme Micro Peel has an advanced gel formula containing a powerhouse of Vitamin A, E, C as well as Fruit Enzymes and Caffeine. When it comes to exfoliation, enzymes are the gentle yet effective solution to your home care needs. Designed for all skin types, this is particularly effective with dry, ageing, pigmentation and problematic skin.

This gel formula is rich in antioxidants from skin-friendly bacteria. Gently exfoliating and brightening dull and lifeless skin. Added to this is a powerhouse of Vitamins A, E and C, designed to give a glowing, illuminated appearance.

Use 1-2 a week.

Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm 5g

A natural, intensely hydrating lip balm with a natural-looking sheen.

Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm is free from unnatural ingredients, relying on an advanced formulation of nourishing ingredients to give a hydrating, protective film.

Perfect for those who don’t enjoy thicker balms, Aspect Hydrating Balm is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and non-sticky. Chapped lips are soothed, and your lips feel smoother and softer. With natural spearmint, mint and orange oils for a mild, fresh scent.

Vskin Mask (Single)

The V-Skin Hydration Mask is the latest in Bio-Cellulose Technology, infused with a specially formulated high concentration of actives; HA, Amino Acids, and Vitamins to accelerate recovery and hydration post skin treatment or when the skin needs a boost.

1 mask in pack.

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