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Universkin Nexultra P Light Creme

$ 130 

New generation of peptide paradigm light cream nexultra™ P light is a fragrance-free cream, with a light and fresh texture, endowed with a patented combination of biomimetic peptides and omega-3 from Camelina oil (Camelina Sativa). It is suitable for all skin types and is particularly suitable for normal to combination or oily skin, skin with imperfections, and fragile skin. Its composition targets the skin's resistance to internal and external aggressions. Its biomimetic technology mimics the native molecules of the skin and simulates the normal production and protective functions of the skin. It is designed to actively participate in protecting against UV damage, inducing the renewal of firmness proteins and supporting the skin's immunity.

Nexultra™ P is formulated without harmful ingredients:
No controversial preservatives (such as phenoxyethanol, MIT, and MCIT)
No mineral oil
No endocrine disruptors
No genetic modified organism (GMO)

To use:
Press the dosing pump 2 or 3 times to obtain a sufficient dose of product for the face. Apply all over the face and massage in with light circular movements from the application area until completely absorbed.

When to use: Morning and evening after cleansing and the application of your custom serum. In the day, before your sunscreen or makeup.

Recommended for daily use, to be applied to the face and/or neck each morning and evening with a slight massage prior to serums and sunscreen.

50ml tube with pump

Contains: Omega-3*, Vitamin E in Camelina oil, Acetyl tripeptide-1, Acetyl hexapeptide-1, Acetyl tetrapeptide-2 & Trifluoro acetyl tripeptide-2.

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