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When deformed toes, bunions are more than just uncomfortable, but you don't feel confident to wear open shoes because of the look of your feet you can feel limited and miss out enjoying the things that make living near the beach, and in a warm climate so wonderful.

Bunions, hammer toes and weird looking toes.

Bunions are those lumps that grow out of the bottom of the big toe joint. They're not actually a growth, but it's your big toe drifting out of alignment. Hammertoes are similar in that they are also a misalignment of a toe, making it look like it's bent out of shape.

Don't leave them untreated!

When left untreated, both these conditions will just get worse and often then begin to impact on your other toes. Also the longer you leave them untreated the more likely it is that your joints will degenerate and even progress into arthritis.

We have lots of options

Our Consultant Podiatric Surgeon will discuss the non-surgical and surgical options to treat your feet. Because we are in the aesthetics industry, we're not just going to treat your condition, but provide the most cosmetic pleasing option to treat your feet.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services may carry some risks which you can discuss with our doctor.

Some treatments we may recommend

Ultra Sound Guided Injectable Therapy

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Nail/Ingrown Nail Surgery

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Bunion surgery

Bunions can be treated both conservatively (non-surgically) and surgically.

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Hammer Toe

Realignment of crooked toes and toe deformities

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