Dermal Fillers Temple Hollows

Balance out hollow temples with Dermal Fillers

As we age many parts of our faces lose volume and contour, but one area that is very important and often goes unnoticed is the temples. Some subconsciously have been covering this area with their hair or have been adopting different hairstyles to hide their temples as they see them becoming unattractive without realising why.

Hollowing temples are often combined with prominent veins and thinning skin as well, and additionally, there are often bony prominent brows from loss of volume above the eyebrows. Together they are an ageing look, you only need to see the typically aged face to notice the prominent bony brows and cheekbones, thinning skin with veins and how they all impart a somewhat gaunt and ageing appearance to the upper face.

A good test is to cover the temples with your hands and if your face looks softer and younger then you will need to treat your temple hollows and possibly your eyebrows as well.

The fillers we use are natural products that are extremely well tolerated and so a reaction to the product is rare. Simple side effects such as bruising may occur but even these are very uncommon with the use of a cannula.

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Filler in the temples restores fullness and contour to the temples and to the area above the eyebrows restoring a softer healthier and undoubtedly younger appearance to the face. The skin develops a plumpness and the temple veins become much less noticeable.

Where the brows are also treated the eyebrows become firmer and develop a three-dimensional shape that they used to have in years past.

Treatment guide

This is a simple safe and effective treatment where natural fillers are placed into the deep tissues under the temples via a cannula to effectively lift and contour them. This is done with fillers that have an anaesthetic incorporated within the gel filler and this makes the procedure much more comfortable and a topical numbing gel will help further. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

Pricing guide

1ml from $690

2ml from $1280

Half ml not offered for this treatment.


There is very little downtime. It is not uncommon for the area to look a little bumpy at first but this totally settles down within a few days. Bruising is possible but uncommon. There is minimal tenderness for a day or two. The area is easily coverable by your hair if required.

The fillers last a remarkably long time in this area, not uncommonly one or two or even more years. This is because there is no movement occurring in the area to break down the filler. Top-ups are at long intervals and usually only require small amounts.

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