Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8

Cellulite Reduction (CelluTite RF)

Concerned with the appearance of cellulite? Achieve exceptional cellulite reduction with CelluTite RF treatment.

The reduction of cellulite using advanced RF radiofrequency technology BodyTite™ and CelluTite™ to produce better and longer-lasting results than other treatments, helping to restore confidence in the appearance of your body, and self-esteem.

Minimally invasive, there are three important ways it works:

1. Radiofrequency reduction of the fatty pockets to reduce the appearance of the bumps.

2. Releasing (by cutting) the vertical bands to reduce the appearance of the dimples.

3. Radiofrequency to firm and thicken the skin to improve surface appearance.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common hereditary condition affecting 9 in 10 women, making it one of the most common conditions and one of the top things about their bodies that women would like to change if they could. But it is not only women, it also affects 2 in 10 men. It affects mostly the outer thighs and buttocks but can affect other areas such as the arms and abdomen.

The characteristic feature of cellulite is bumps and dimples. These are caused by subdermal pockets of fat pushing the dermis (skin) outward against short fibrous bands that hold the dermis in. The points where the bands pull in the dermis create the dimples (see diagram).

Cellulite becomes more noticeable with age as the skin thins and weakens, allowing fat pockets to bulge more readily. Tightening and thickening the dermis with Radiofrequency treatments will assist greatly.

Lifestyle factors such as weight gain, smoking, and lack of exercise contribute to this effect.


Minimally invasive, safe, and effective.

No need for the hospital, it is performed safely in our procedure room without additional costs.

Very effective for the reduction of cellulite.

Achieve a smoother skin contour and tightening.

Liposculpting when combined with liposuction, you may need a compression garment for this.

Improved self-confidence.

Treatment guide

CelluTite and BodyTite™ are advanced minimally invasive technologies for the treatment of large body areas through soft tissue coagulation. It delivers unparalleled clinical results in treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Every case will be individually assessed at the first consultation and a treatment plan arranged.

As with any treatment, it is important to have realistic expectations. Although a single treatment may be all that you require, particularly in milder cases. Some cases may require more than one treatment, and expect to produce a progressive improvement.

Once our goal is achieved then maintenance, if required, will be much simpler.

Pricing guide

Contact our clinic for a consultation and price for treatment.


What can I expect with this treatment?

The treatment is carried out in our procedure room under local anaesthesia and should be comfortable. Sedation can be offered for anyone who prefers it.

There may be some swelling and bruising afterward and possibly some soreness or pain for a couple of days.

What is the downtime like?

This is a minimally invasive treatment with little downtime. There may be some bruising and swelling, and some mild pain or soreness for the first few days but these all settle readily. Usually, you can return to work after a day or two.

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