Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8

EVOLVEX Body Contouring

Tight, tone, and transform with EvolveX advanced technology non-invasive, radio frequency treatment to contour the body, target fat, sculpt the stomach, lift buttocks, tone arms, calves, and more.

EvolveX is the only all-in-one system equipped with multiple clinically proven technologies, including Tite (Bipolar RF), Tone (electrical muscle stimulation, EMS), and Transform (Bipolar RF and EMS). By applying RF energy to the skin, stimulates collagen production and prompts fat cells to release their contents, resulting in tighter, more youthful-looking skin and reduced fat volume.

The use of precise thermal monitoring allows practitioners to deliver these benefits without risking harm to the surrounding skin and tissues. This unique approach ensures treatments are not only effective but also comfortable.

This innovative design uses three technologies - Tite, Tone, and Transform. This all-in-one platform delivers multiple technologies on one system to remodel skin, target adipose (fat) tissue, and tone muscles.

  • EvolveX Tite uses the power of Inmode RF energy to remodel skin and improve its appearance, achieving non-invasive body shaping.
  • EvolveX Tone works by emitting electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions to specific muscle groups, thereby refining the appearance and strength of the muscle.
  • EvolveX Transform is two procedures with one applicator. Bipolar RF energy for deep heating of dermal and adipose tissue, plus EMS alternate to deliver a synergistic layering treatment that produces consistent transformative results.

What is the difference between Emsculpt and EvolveX?

EvolveX is the only hands-free body sculpting technology that allows us to target skin tightening, fat reduction, and muscle toning all at the one time. Unlike the Emsculpt Neo, EvolveX uses Bipolar RF technology, which allows us to maintain total control of the target tissue, making it safer and more effective.

With EvolveX, we can maintain the right treatment temperature for the right amount of time, which means you get the BEST results. You can treat multiple areas at one time as well, which gives EvolveX the edge in delivering faster and more effective results.


Boost the benefits with:

EvolveX treatments work really well in conjunction with the 'LymFATics' CJ Lymphatic Support Kit, our PRIN Lymphatic Therapy Mask (clinic treatment), and the PRIN Flow Facial Mask Kit (for home use).

EvolveX can also be used for those in Competitive Body Sculpting - Ask us about our partnership with Biov8 to help you reach your body's potential!

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Like all treatments, results may vary, but we typically will see an improvement in skin quality, a reduction in fat pockets, and an increase in muscle definition. The EvolveX is ideal for those areas that can be quite difficult to develop muscle tone and definition, in particular the triceps and the calf muscles. It is also a great treatment option for the abdomen and glutes as it helps to reduce excess fat, build muscle, and improve skin quality.

Customisable Treatment: this allows us to personalise treatment to the individual's specific body contouring and skin tightening needs for optimal results.

Non-Invasive: Unlike surgical procedures, EvolveX is non-invasive, minimising the risks and recovery time associated with traditional surgeries. Patients can achieve significant improvements without incisions or scars.

Body Sculpting: The technology can target multiple areas of the body simultaneously, addressing concerns such as fat reduction, muscle toning, and skin laxity. It provides a comprehensive solution for body contouring.

Skin Tightening: EvolveX employs RF energy to stimulate collagen production, leading to skin tightening and improved texture. This can result in a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Cellulite Reduction: It specifically targets cellulite, a common concern among many individuals. EvolveX can reduce the appearance of cellulite, helping patients achieve smoother skin.

Treatment guide

The EvolveX treatment usually takes around 45 minutes once it is up and going. The first 30 minutes are with the EMS (the muscle contraction) as well as the RF, so you will feel some warmth as well as the muscle contractions. We will take the treatment to the point of discomfort, but not pain. Like a gym workout, you need to feel the muscle contraction to ensure you are getting the maximum effectiveness. After the EMS stops, you will then finish the treatment with only the warm RF.

If you are not having the EMS component with your treatment then you will only feel the warmth of the RF.

Treatment Duration: We recommend having 1 treatment every week for a minimum of 4 weeks. You are more than welcome to bring your headphones and listen to your favorite podcast while EvolveX does its work. Patients should be prepared for a series of appointments to reach their desired outcome.

Comfort and Convenience: EvolveX treatments are generally comfortable, and sessions are relatively short, making it convenient for individuals with busy schedules.

Pricing guide

EvolveX four-session package for $1800. Contact us at GMC Cosmedical for a consultation.


There is no downtime with EvolveX treatments. There is usually some localised redness over the areas that are treated from the RF, and some people may feel a little bit of that post-workout weakness in the muscles, but both of these are transient and last a short amount of time (minutes and hours, not days). You can return to normal activities immediately.

EvolveX works on all skin types. As it is not breaking the skin there is no risk of infection (however, we generally do not recommend treatment over skin that is broken or irritated). The ideal candidate for EvolveX is Someone who has perhaps small pockets of fat, and/or who would like to help increase muscle definition. It is NOT recommended for people who have a significant amount of weight or fat to lose.

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