Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8

Laser Hair Removal

With the ability to offer great results safely for all skin types, hair removal and permanent hair reduction from GMC Cosmedical has never been simpler for a range of different skin types.

As no one laser or BBL is suited to all, our clinic uses a range of technologies to effectively and safely remove excess or unwanted hair on any skin colour or type. The advanced technologies make them delicate enough for a woman’s fine sensitive skin and robust enough for a man’s beard, back, or arms! The procedure is fast, gentle, and precise. Treatments that might take months or even years with Electrolysis take only a few short visits with the appropriate treatment.

The LightSheer Diode Laser

LightSheer hair removal technology is able to achieve fast and effective treatment outcomes for a broader variety of people. The LightSheer system is proven to be safe with unique output control to enable the technology to successfully treat even the most tanned of skin.

The BroadBand Light (BBL) System

The BBL beams allow great penetration and so are better equipped to target the pigment located in hair follicles (pigment gives hair its colour). These beams vaporise and destroy or significantly impair the hair’s ability to regrow. Cooling devices on the tips of the handpieces cool the skin on contact, protecting the skin while directing the laser energy to the hair follicle. This further increases its effectiveness, comfort and safety.



Treatment for women

As a woman, you are probably not happy with hair in places you don’t like or expect – such as the face, neck, abdomen, breasts, or arms and underarms. Or maybe you’re just tired of shaving, waxing or all the chemical depilatory applications it takes to look good in a high-cut bathing suit, shorts or even a skirt. If this is you, then our laser hair treatments at our Randwick and Campbelltown cosmetic clinics could be the solution for you.

Treatment for men

Grooming tasks, such as shaving or trimming your beard or moustache, are part of your normal routine. But what you may not like is that bothersome excess hair on your back, shoulders and abdomen, in the ears and nose or between the eyebrows – that seems to grow back faster than you can pluck or shave it. Or, perhaps you are a competitive athlete or gym enthusiast for whom regular shaving of body hair is an annoying chore.

Benefits of LightSheer

- Suitable for a greater range of skin types

- Suitable for treatment on all body areas

- Portable light weight design for ease of use

- Contact cooling ChillTip™ for protection and efficacy

Each treatment varies so some of the above points are also true for BBL. During your consultation, your technician will evaluate your desired treatment area and will ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for you.

Benefits of BBL

- No downtime

- It is virtually pain-free

- Treatment is safe and fast

- There is low risk of side effects

- Complete coverage, no missed spots

Treatment guide

A consultation is required to assess your individual needs, potential difficulties and possible hormonal problems. Because of the absence of sufficient pigment in the hair follicles patients with grey, white or very blonde hair cannot be successfully treated, although, we are currently trialling a product that may make that possible. Patients must avoid a tan in the treatment area during the course of treatment, as this increases the risk of burning the skin.

Pricing guide

We offer a variety of options depending on the type of laser.

More than one treatment is usually required.


Are there any side effects?

There are generally few and temporary side effects with this treatment and the majority of cases are completely trouble free. Light crusting may occur in areas where coarse hair is treated. Light surface burns and pigmentation changes occur infrequently, mainly in darker skins and are reversible. Serious or lasting side effects or complications are rare.

Why is more than one treatment required?

Everyone’s hair grows differently, depending on factors such as age, weight, metabolism, hormones, and ethnicity. Since all lasers target the pigment present in the follicle to destroy it, they will most effectively disable hair in the growing phase (when pigment is most abundant).

Because hairs are at different phases at any one time, more than one treatment may be necessary to remove all the hairs as they subsequently enter this phase of growth. Most commonly, 6 or more treatments are required. This may vary according to the area being treated and how fine or coarse the hair is (the coarser the hair the easier it is to remove).

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