Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8

Metabolic Balance Programme

Become more energised and lose weight by balancing your hormones.

Metabolic Balance is a metabolism and hormone rebalancing programme that will ‘reset’ your current metabolic functions.

Each plan is unique to the client as blood samples are taken and sent to Germany, where the plan was developed, to find your individual markers such as thyroid function and glucose levels.

By resetting your metabolism, leveling out your blood sugars, and resetting your eating habits, you’ll have long-term weight loss and increased energy levels.

There are four phases to the Metabolic Balance programme which takes a minimum of 90 days, which ensures new habits are formed and that after the programme is completed you can maintain your newfound energy levels, eating habits, and weight.

For more about the Metabolic Balance programme, you can visit the Australian website here.

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Though many people start the Metabolic Balance programme with weight loss in mind, the other benefits are:

- Healthy weight stabilisation

- Burn fat, not muscle

- Increase energy

- Eliminate physical cravings

- Clearer skin

- Anti-ageing

- Balance hormones

- Reducing psoriasis

Treatment guide

You will have a consultation with Madeline, our integrative medical practitioner and Registered Nurse to discuss your goals and to talk about the process.

You will then be required to have specific blood tests done. These results will be sent to the German clinic where a personalised plan will be created for you based on your metabolic biochemistry.

Pricing guide

We want you to get the best out of your program so we have carefully curated the perfect pack to see you soar through your plan and achieve your goals.

Metabolic Balance Reset Pack - $1800

- 7 Coaching sessions to guide you through the program and its phases

- Individually Tailored Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan.

- German Laboratory Assessment Utilising Blood Analysis and Personal Health Markers.

- Professional support as you step through the program.

- Login to the Metabolic Balance app for easy access to your program.

- Four especially chosen supplements to help ease cravings and improve digestion throughout each phase.

- A large 2 litre measured water bottle to help you track your daily water intake.

- A small cooler bag, perfect for your pre-pared Metabolic Balance lunch or snacks on the go!

Embark on your Metabolic Balance Journey with an Initial Consultation ($215), where we delve into your health history to prepare for your personalised plan and you'll discover how this program aligns with your health goals.

Call the clinics on 02 9399 6444 to make your appointment.


Who can do the Metabolic Balance programme?

Anyone who wants to experience higher levels of energy and well-being. Because of its hormone-balancing effect, it is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.

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