Toe Shortening

Correct the length of overly long toes for improved comfort and appearance.

This procedure is ideal for anyone with long, painful and/or deformed toes, even congenitally (that you were born with) long 'big toes' can be corrected.

Toe shortening, also known as toe reduction or toe correction surgery, is a medical procedure performed to reduce the length of one or more toes. The main goal of this surgery is to address aesthetic concerns or functional issues such as pain, discomfort, or difficulty in finding comfortable footwear.

Before & after

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Improved comfort - as the toes may be rubbing in footwear which causes painful corns or calluses over the tip of the toe or the knuckle joint.

Improved appearance of the toes.

Treatment guide

Reducing the size of the toe generally involves removal of a portion of the toe bone(s) and rebalancing of the soft tissues including tendons so the toe continues to function normally. This may be just the toe itself or it may involve the metatarsal bone, the long bone in the forefoot that articulates with the toe. This may require fixation (a pin or a screw).

Pricing guide

Consultation required.

Pricing starts from $1800*

Pricing will depend on the procedure, and what is required.


How long is the recovery time?

The recovery time depends on the procedure performed. If no fixation is required and it is only the toe you may be able to start returning to footwear and activity in as little as two weeks. If a pin has been put in it may be 4-6 weeks before you can start returning to normal footwear.

Is this a painful procedure?

Pain levels vary but generally this is well tolerated and people will usually take painkillers for up to three days after. It is important you rest and keep the foot elevated during the recovery process.

Before & after

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