Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8
Award-winning InMode Specialists Dr George Calfas: InMode Physician of the Year - Aesthetics | InMode Best Case Study - Morpheus8

Weekend Laser Peel - Sciton Profile

Skip the downtime with a full-face Weekend Laser Peel using Sciton PROFILE™ technology for advanced skin resurfacing.

This peeling and resurfacing solution is more flexible and can achieve better results than other superficial forms of skin peeling.

The Sciton PROFILE™ Laser is a state-of-the-art system that combines two lasers, working at the same time, to precisely refine the skin surface and set a new standard for laser skin peeling. Using a precise computer control mechanism it allows your physician to tailor the depth and effects of your laser peel treatment to match your skin condition and desired results. This allows us to achieve the best possible outcome for your treatment.

Your results: Laser peeling can treat a variety of skin conditions and imperfections, some include but are not limited to Wrinkles; Pigmentation; Appearance of sun damage, Acne scarring sun freckles and spots - Solar lentigines; Pre-cancers - Actinic Keratoses; Thickened and raised hypertrophic scars; Surgical scars

For deeper skin problems, such as advanced sun damage & acne scarring, full thickness Laser Resurfacing with the Sciton Erbium Laser is the safest and most appropriate treatment.



Improve sun-damaged and dry coarse skin texture.

Pigmented lesions will significantly improve or disappear.

Fine wrinkles will fade while deeper ones will soften.

Skin will look and feel softer and smoother.

The colour and texture of the skin will even out.

Treatment guide

How does this treatment work?

Your physician will use the Sciton Profile Laser to remove fine layers of the skin’s surface until the damage is cleared. This will then be replaced by younger and healthier skin regrowth on the surface and stimulate stronger connective tissue production in the deeper layers of the skin.

What will happen during the procedure?

Your eyes will be protected with safety shields and the Sciton Profile Laser beam will be delivered to the skin’s surface through a computer-controlled device that automatically scans the area of your skin being treated. A fast rat-a-tat sound of the laser beam vaporises the outer skin layers. Your procedure usually takes around 30 minutes and will vary according to the severity of the problem to be corrected and the depth of peeling required. A full Laser Resurfacing Procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes to perform.

Pricing guide

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Aftercare is relatively simple and following your physician’s instructions is important. You will be given some products and instructions on how to use them. This will ensure the best comfort and the shortest healing time. Make-up can be used for lighter peels in 1 to 5 days and 14 days for a full resurfacing procedure. New skin will be susceptible to ultraviolet light and you must avoid unnecessary sun exposure for one week. You need to cover your skin, wear a hat and use good sunscreen if you go outdoors.

How long will it take to recover?

Healing time will vary slightly from person to person and will also depend on your treatment depth. Lighter peels may have only a day or two to recover (the ‘weekend peel’) while deeper peels will require around 5 days (for example, if the procedure is carried out on Thursday you can get back to work on Monday).

With lighter peels, there is redness and a very short recovery time, about a day or two. For full-thickness laser resurfacing recovery may take around 10 days. Your skin will likely have a residual pink or red colour. We will generally recommend you refrain from covering the treated area with makeup for two weeks after your treatment. Your physician will instruct you on how best to care for your healing skin during your appointment.

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