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If you are unsure about a treatment or have any concerns surrounding a treatment we encourage you to get more information by looking through our FAQs. If you do not see the answer to your questions below feel free to call our clinics as one of our friendly team would be happy to answer your questions!

Is there much 'down time' after treatment? How long will recovery take?

Many Cosmetic Medicine procedures are now being labelled ‘lunch time treatments’ as it is possible to have a non-surgical procedure and still return to work as per usual. Treatments which require no ‘down time’ include; Anti-wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers, BB: sessions as well as many skin rejuvenation treatments.

What's the difference between fillers and relaxants?

Dermal fillers work by filling in defects such as creases, lines, wrinkles and scars or can be used to plump lips or noses. They are injected directly into the skin underneath the defect to fill it in and elevate the skin surface to make it look more even and smoother. The Wrinkle Smoothing Injections cause muscles to relax, allowing the creases and lines they created to smoothen out. It does not give you an effaced look or wipe out your expression. What we achieve is a softened look, which is more natural and relaxed in appearance.

Is laser treatment safe?

Laser therapy is a remarkably safe and well tolerated treatment and side effects and complications with this type of treatment are very uncommon. By following the correct aftercare procedures prescribed by your physician, you will ensure excellent healing and good results.

Can I change the look of may face without surgery?

Yes. At GMC Cosmetic Medicine Clinics we offer non-surgical face lifts and non-surgical rhinoplasty. The “non-surgical nose job” (or non-surgical rhinoplasty as it is known) replaces the scalpel with a needle, using a dermal filler injected in such a way as to soften, shape and straighten an individual’s nose without resorting to invasive surgery.

It is possible to have a face lifting procedure that is carried out without surgery, without cutting and stitching, without any tell-tale scars, and carried out in the doctor’s rooms in only 30-60 minutes under local anaesthetic.

Will lipo change the shape of my body?

Since weight control and exercise can only change the size of each fat cell but not the number of cells present, then your basic shape remains the same. This means that your arms or thighs still remain proportionately bigger despite exercise and your diet. The only way to change your shape is to remove fat cells from the affected areas to reduce their numbers. The only two ways that this can be done is through surgery (Liposuction) or by dissolving away the cells (Lipolysis).

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is also referred to as a “Power Peel” and works by spraying a jet of fine inert micro-crystals across the skin in an abrasive action. These crystals also have disinfecting and drying properties and help to clean the skin of infected lesions such as acne. The dead skin cells are lifted from the surface by this abrasion and are then whisked away by vacuum suction and new skin growth is subsequently stimulated.

How can you re-grow hair?

The aim of the treatment here at GMC Cosmetic Medicine Clinics is twofold, firstly to slow down or halt the hair loss process itself and secondly to stimulate and reactivate the dormant hair follicles into regrowing new hair again. There is no surgery involved and the treatment is safe and painless. A medical assessment must first be carried out to exclude other causes which may require different treatment. Our clinic uses specialised oral and topical medications, some of which are naturally occurring herbal products and minerals, and supplements essential to hair growth, combined with laser stimulation to the scalp.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

GMC has a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. If you miss, cancel or change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged $80. This policy is in place out of respect for our patients and our clinicians. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are difficult to fill. By giving last minute or no notice at all you prevent someone else from being able to schedule into that time slot. Thank you for your cooperation.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services may carry some risks which you can discuss with our doctor.

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